EyePal Demonstration Videos


EyePal Peep Sighting System -
Pistol shooting with both eyes open


EyePal Peep® Sighting System, Chapter 1,
Getting sighted in with the MAS 45 .22 rifle

EyePal® Peep Sighting System - See your sights clearly

"If you use open sights, try these now. I have good vision, but these make a remarkable, stunning, spectacular difference in the clarity of the sight picture on my rifles and pistol. I shoot indoors at about 35 feet in a controlled environment, so I can't comment on outdoor plinking or hunting use. You may feel a little silly about paying $25 for two cents worth of vinyl, but then you'll use them. And you'll jump for joy. They are fantastic. I really enjoy using iron sights and have even more fun with the EyePal on my shooting glasses."—Andrew, USA