Testimonials from EyePal Fans

We don't like to brag-- so we're letting our thousands of satisfied customers do it for us! We really appreciate the feedback we've been getting from all of you who have purchased the EyePal. We get stopped on the street. People seek us out at shows. We're getting lots of press; appearing in blogs, forums and magazines. From Gun Clubs to trained snipers, in the end the story is always the same. But don't take our word for it, hear what other users are saying about the EyePal...


"I was having a vision problem with my IZH46m. Not anymore. These things really work. Thank You!!"—Mike, USA

"Excellent product. As my sight is not as good as it used to be these help a lot. Does as it says on the tin.—Robin, United Kingdom

"They really work had problems shooting open sight rifles and pistols for years not anymore."—Donald, USA

"I couldn't believe what these little pieces of flexible plastic did for my aging old eyes! I'm not sure why, or how they work... You may have to spend a minute or two finding the best spot to put them on your glasses, but it will be worth it."

"This little accessory has a permanent place in my shooting kit... If these work well for us older guys, I can only imagine what these would do for a younger shooter."

"Makes sighting in with both eyes open very easy; I hate having to squint. If you intend to do target shooting, this will be a great aid. It can be used with air guns or firearms, handguns or rifles or bows. Well worth the investment."—Thomas, USA

"It stays on my shooting glasses with no additional help. It is light and very easy to move around without loosing the adhesiveness. I am glad that it was available when my other one is so cumbersome and falls off when aiming at the target. Now my sights and target are clear. Thanks for developing such a useful shooting tool."—Frits, USA

"If you use open sights, try these now. I have good vision, but these make a remarkable, stunning, spectacular difference in the clarity of the sight picture on my rifles and pistol. I shoot indoors at about 35 feet in a controlled environment, so I can't comment on outdoor plinking or hunting use. You may feel a little silly about paying $25 for two cents worth of vinyl, but then you'll use them. And you'll jump for joy. They are fantastic. I really enjoy using iron sights and have even more fun with the EyePal on my shooting glasses."—Andrew, USA

"I wear bifocals, which means that using iron sights is almost impossible. Using the EyePal, I now have an excellent sight picture, with everything from rear sight to target in focus. My only concern is that when shooting indoors, the target appears dimmer than normal. However, this is an optical effect that will happen when looking through a small hole. In bright light, I barely notice. Considering that I'm now knocking out 10s on my targets, I have to say the value for the money is excellent. Until I can install an electronic sight in my actual eye - well, or my glasses, but I can dream, can't I? - I'm sticking with these."—James, USA

"I thought that I would have to scope my entire C&R collection but since I can now see the sights with my EyePal, I'm good. I can enjoy my handguns, too."

"I can shoot better than ever while using my readers. This helps me with my loading chores, too. It's so easy. Thanks!"

"The EyePal beats the other products hands down in cost, flexibility, ease of use and storage capabilities. A very well-engineered product that does the job perfectly."

"I have discovered an amazing device that makes your target and sights, front and rear, totally in focus at the same time, no matter what your eye problems may be...This device is truly MAGIC!"

Charlie Summers, inventor of EyePal